What We Use

Here’s a sunmmary of curriculum I’ve been using this year (and some will carry over into next year) for my 6th & 4th grader. As some of you may be attending upcoming homeschool conferences, I thought this may be useful. Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions pertaining to what we’re using. Thanks for stopping by!


Saxon 7/6  (7th grader only)

MUS Delta  (4th grader)


What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know  (the world history section mostly – review of ancients to mid 19th century & poetry section)

Window on the World  (world geography, and world religion)

This Country of Ours   (American History for next year) click on the link and take a look inside!


Handbook of Nature Study (presently studying birds)

Exploring Creation with Botony  (older student)

One Small Square   (younger student)

It Couldn’t Just Happen



You Can Teach Your Child Successfully (the grammer section of this book)

Getting You Writing – the little book that can  (writing exercises – this book is a gem for writing inspiration)

Spelling Workout  (Books F, and D )

Harp & Laurel Wreath  (copy work & dictation exercises) click on the link and take a look inside!

A Reason for Handwriting  (cursive practice for 4th grader)

Garfield Typing  (keyboarding skills for 7th grader)


The Easy Spanish

Latin for Children


One response to “What We Use

  1. Cassie

    Thank you for all this wonderful information and resources. I’m struggling in my decision to homeschool, and found your site looking up tadpoles of all things. Looks like confirmation!

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