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Hey Lady, You’re Over the Line!

angrymob“What line? I don’t see a line.”  This was what I actually spoke out loud less than two weeks ago. I quickly scanned my environment,  naturally seeing nothing but mere spectators. I was after all,  in hot pursuit with my camera in hand, trying to catch a photo of my daughter as she took off from the starting line for the 100 meter race. It was the annual year end Small Christian Schools Track Meet, and I was working hard to capture her energy in motion.

“Excuse me, your standing over the line!”

There it was again. This time I looked more carefully, slightly annoyed that I was going to miss my photo opp. To my horror, I discovered those weren’t mere spectators, but annoyed parents – who happened to all be staring at me,  due to the fact that I was standing  r-i-g-h-t  -i-n- t-h-e- m-i-d-d-l-e  of the runway for the L-O-N-G   J-U-M-P   P-I-T!


Needless to say, I missed my shot.

We did; however, win the meet!

VCHS Trackmeet 2009



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Oh, go take a hike!

Occasionally I get asked what we do for PE as a homeschooling family. Over the years, we have participated in numerous activities, and you can read about some of them and glean more ideas here. I find that homeschooling allows us to try out numerous activities without going too nuts.

(Though homeschooling families can sometimes over do the extra curricular activities as well as anybody else, careful planning is essential. So, balance people….balance. It’s a process.)

One wise homeschooling family once gave me this piece of advice. Try to keep your extra curricular activities limited to two or three at a time. This allows families to have a balance between academics, friends, physical activities and family time. So this year I took this piece of advice to heart and gave it a shot. Since we recently renovated our kitchen, funds do not flow as abundantly as they used to, so for me this was good timing.

During the first two thirds of the year we spent our extra curricular time on weekly swimming lessons, hiking, and Awana. The last leg of the year we are participating in weekly track and field practices (preparing for the meet in June – we compete against private schools) acting classes and more hiking. The classes cost money, but the cost is minimal and the school we are enrolled with covers the cost of these lessons. 

Hiking; however, is an activity we do as a family. Over the course of the year our weekly strolls have turned into more rigorous bootcamps hikes that involve occasionally stopping to gasp catch our breath. Let me tell you, not only is this activity free, it’s also a great way to get fit. We have hiked to beaches, up mountains, and through dense rain forests. Along the way we have encountered numerous species of birds, insects, signs of wild life, and various flora and fauna. We have hiked by ourselves and with other homeschooling families. We have hiked in the rain and the wind and the sun and the snow. We have hiked all year long and it’s been wonderful.

So if money is a concern for you, I encourage you to get out there as a family and go exploring. Enjoy the fresh air, get outdoors, and get moving.

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Wordless Wednesday

Am I there yet?

      PE for homeschoolers: “Am I there yet?”

                   Climbing Mt. Doug

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Bicycle Science

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather while out cycling last week, we had some amazing nature discoveries. img_3592.jpgWhile stopping for a rest, my dd looked beside her to discover brand new baby spiderlings that had just hatched. img_3596.jpgWe stayed and watched them for a little while then carried on further up the trail only to later discover a very busy red ant hill. This was very entertaining to watch as we carefully observed what looked like the remains of a dragon fly being carefully worked over by ants who were carrying bits into the hill.

What I found particualry interesting was how much the girls remembered about these little insects and arachnids. img_3600.jpgEven though it had been a while since we had officially studied these little creatures, interesting facts about them were recalled and shared as I was educated by them. img_3604.jpgA quick glance to the right of the ant hill led our eyes to a variety of spit bugs which spiked curiosity in my youngest dd (who loves all things scientific). What’s inside the “spittle”? The insect or the eggs? This gave us something to further investigate when at home. (By the way, the answer is the insect) Did you know that the highest jumping insect is, in fact, the spit bug? I thought it was the flea.

So there you go, recreational bike ride turned into a discovery of nature, which lead to a discussion in life science. It doesn’t get much better than that.

“We are all meant to be naturalists, each to his own degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world full of marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things.” -Charlotte Mason

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Staying Fit Together

I recently aquired a bike for my birthday. I say aquired because the bike was originally bought for my youngest as a surprise for her birthday, only to discover the bike wasn’t a 24″, but a 26″ frame. This “boo boo” caused a chain reaction in bicycles.img_3544.jpg A smaller bike in the correct fit was purchased for my youngest daughter, my bike was passed on to my oldest daughter, I ended up with the original bike purchased for my youngest (as it fit me perfectly, go figure) and dh purchased a used bicycle for himself (long overdue) for his own birthday. img_3543.jpgThe end result? Even though our bright idea of buying our youngest a bike for her birthday backfired and cost us a small fortune, everyone is now excited about bike riding.

Dh started riding his bike to work, and the kids & I have made it habit to go out twice a week on our bikes. Designated days of the week are now “bike riding” days and the girls have come to expect their rides. Last week I was politely reminded by my youngest, “Dont forget Mom, today is bike riding day”. img_3553.jpgThis makes making sure we all get an adequate amount of exercise a little easier. I have even set goals for myself, and on Saturday I managed to accomplish my first 40km ride (victory dance). Yes I was sore, but it felt really good.

When was the last time you were on your bike? img_3545.jpgIf you have one in the garage, how ’bout pulling it out and dusting it off? It’s a great way to be together with your kids and get in a little exercise and fresh air at the same time.


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How the heck do you teach P.E.?

Well, I’m definitely not out there on the track with a stop watch and whistle with my kids everyday, but that doesn’t mean they are not active. Our homeschool community has a fantastic yearly track and field meet, there are homeschool swimming lessons, swimlessonthere is homeschool dance and ballet, jazzthere are wonderful parents who organzie team sports, dodgeball and other physical activities which are both affordable and available to families during school hours, leaving more time in the evening for families who wish to stay at home. Thats just scratching the surface; I have yet to mention the numerous sports and various activities available through our own communities and recreation centres after school hours.tap

In addition to the above mentioned activities there is the proverbial backyard. slideMany families today have trampolines, swingsets, climbing walls, and trees to climb (just to name a few). Let’s not forget bicycles, jump ropes and rope swings.

Still don’t think that’s enough? Here’s a few tips; though many may not wish to sacrifice.

  • Give up Cable TV (though I realize this may simply be too much for many sports fans and tv die hards….it is only a suggestion) I have observed children rediscovering puzzles, drawing and painting, and (gasp) reading books when t.v is simply not an option.
  • Limit or avoid video games (enough said)
  • Recreate together as a family; we personally are trying to regularly participate in hiking and bicycling on the week ends.


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