Bookworm Bliss

House & HomeschoolA place for everything and everything in it’s place. That’s a very satisfying sentence, don’t you think? For some this comes easier than others.

Managing a household on a single income can be rather challenging these days, at best. Throw in trying to make your house a home, designing  or decorating it accordingly, and establishing organizational flow can be rather difficult on a shoestring budget. Garage sale and thrift store finds work well for the budget or collector enthusiast, who don’t mind refinishing or re-upholstering. There is an art however, to making this work and still be able to maintain style throughout your home. I did this for a long time and happily called it eclectic. Ecclectic did it’s time, until I tired of having to acquire additional finds for extra storage space that my eclectic pieces simply would no longer accommodate.

My husband and I have been renovating our exisiting 1950’s home for the last eight years, and any additional money generally went towards another room that needed fixing up. Finally, the renovations were near complete, and I found myself carefully scrutinizing the present purpose of my once satisfying finds. I was on the hunt for maximum storage and clean lines. Living in a small space made me look at vertical storage. I hunted. I found. I rejoiced. IKEA! (applause)

Being a homeschool family, we naturally had an insane amount of books. When you homeschool, by the way, books become treasures. We like to have our treasures visible and readily available. The mismatched eclectic bookcases went out, the IKEA Billy bookcases went in (more applause). The book cases in the below pics were purchased at IKEA, all for under $500 including taxes. You can mix and match this system for your own room dimensions, adding or subtracting pieces accordingly. You can pick your own finish, and add or subtract as many doors (with their own variety of designs) as you like. You can even do a happy dance.

Below are our books in all their book lover’s bliss. So, where do your books live?

Billy Bookcases 2

Billy Bookcases

Billy Bookcases 1

Billy Bookcases



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  1. Nice looking bookcases! I’m painting some bookshelves my husband bought me right now. I know what you mean about books being not treasures. Even before I homeschooled, I felt that way. I’ll have to pop back over and let you know when I get my bookshelves on display!

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