House & Homeschool

My postings have continued to be sparse at best – so, what’s going on with me? Part of our homeschool journey inevitably involves one’s own individual personal growth, and unfortunately this has taken it’s toll on my blogging. I won’t share any details here, because it’s – well, personal. However, occasionally I ponder the value of sharing personal developments now and then. My main purpose of this blog in the beginning was to encourage those both new and old to homeschooling in their homeschooling journey, and even though one’s own blog is truly their public expression of themselves, I’ve tried to keep this one solely focused on homeschooling. There is; however, part of the word homeschoooling that I sometimes forget about. This would be the home part. So, seeming I have regular readers who quietly follow my blog, I will venture now and then to share some of the home in my homeschooling – entitled House and Homeschool.

House & Homeschool

So, what shall I start with? Well, how about the fact that it is presently an 80% sure thing that we will soon be building a new home! This is big news for me, considering my little family of four has quite happily lived in the upper level of our home, being a cozy 1000 sq ft, and containing only one bathroom. Big news indeed.  In the past, I have occasionally written many posts (on this blog and others) about living and learning together in a small space. Many of you have commented and inquired about some of my creative uses of said small spaces. How do I come up with such ideas? Well, some of you may not know this, but previous to homeschooling, I had a brand new career in interior design. I was just getting my feet wet, so to speak in the interior design world, before I felt led to homeschool my children. I know I’ll return to again, but in the interim, I’m left to redesign my own space and periodically give a friend or two some design tips.

As of yesterday, there is a “For Sale” sign in our front yard, so from here forward, I’ll try and write an occasional post re: the sale of our home and pending build of the new one. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the before and after pics of my existing living room. This is the room where we like to hang out and get cozy with a book or two.

LR before & after2LR before & after

The home is a 1950’s model, with original hardwood floors and cove ceilings. We chose to remove the texture from the walls in the living room to tie in with kitchen. The opening from the living room to the kitchen (on the left of the before pic) was partially removed and restructured in order to create an open concept living area and accommodate two built in eating bars. The fireplace was re-faced with cultured stone, the heatilator was removed and replaced with a gas insert, wall sconces, pendant lights and pot lights were added to the wall and ceiling. There was not a single ceiling bulb in this living room before the renovations! The built in shelves to the right of the fireplace were removed. Blinds that have the ability to be drawn from the top down were chosen for the window – this allows light to flow in the room, while obstructing the view of the road, as we live on a rather busy one. Be sure to tune in next week for more House & Homeschool!  In the interim, feel free to share your own interior face lifts – I will try to add a Mr. Linky, but if that doesn’t work, feel free to link back to your site in the comment box below.



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