Great Backyard Bird Count – What We’ve Seen So Far

How is everyone doing on their birdcount? Dont forget to try and watch your feeder for a minumum of 15 minutes between Feb 13 – Feb 16. You can watch for just one day, or all of the days. Here’s a list of birds we’ve seen in our backyard (either hovering in the sky or at the feeders or in the backyard trees) the last couple of days:

Friday Feb 13

Stellar’s Jay (Pacific), American CrowTurkey Vulture, Anna’s Hummingbird (male), Robin (female)

Saturday Feb 14

European Starling, Chestnut backed Chickadee, Song Sparrow, Robin (male), Ring-Billed Gull, Canadian Geese, Rufous Hummingbird (female)


For more information on the Great Backyard Bird Count visit the website here.  Happy Birding!



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3 responses to “Great Backyard Bird Count – What We’ve Seen So Far

  1. Congrats on your great birds including the hummingbirds! 🙂

  2. Wow!! A hummingbird, that’s fantastic. They’d probably freeze to death if they visited us. LOL. Great bird count so far 🙂

  3. Hi, I read your article for today in the HOTM newsletter and popped over to check out your site. Your topics are interesting, and you do a great job writing.
    I love birds. I finally bought a bird book so I can begin to identify the different types that visit our feeder. My daughter loves to be out in nature as well.

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