I Lichen You Very Much!

Well, this whole new enthusiasm thing seems to be contagious! Today we went for another nature walk, but this time our group of young botonists grew from two to seven! This time we ventured a little further from home, to a local city park. We were on the hunt for birds, but the kids were so enthusiastic that this new kind of exploring knew no limits. With sketch books in hand the kids seemed to have inherent abilities to spot things often overlooked and unseen by the unobservant eye. There seemed to be a lot of attention drawn to plants, fungus and trees.







Stones were lifted, ferns overturned, moss inspected and a few unusual lichens were discovered. Lichens are rather interesting to observe as they are neither plant; nor a distinct fungus, but a kind of blend of fungus, alga, and sometimes a type of bacteria. Each is dependent on the other for survival and together they form this very unique organism that thrives in our BC rain forests.







If you are considering making nature walks a regular part of your homeschool journey, I’d highly recommend taking along a few field guides to help out your young botanists in their discoveries. I have a variety of field guides that we own on insects, flowers, trees, and birds. The Lone Pine and Usborne field guides are great for children, but if you have older students you may want to look for something a little more in depth. The library is a good place to “try before you buy” so to speak. I recently ordered the Hand Book of Nature Study. This book was originally published in 1911 and is very thorough – after all plants haven’t changed much in the last hundred years. It is available to view online, but it’s a little tedious trying to make an 800+ page online book usable in reality, but don’t let me sway you – have a look. This gem of a book can be overwhelming without understanding the purpose of the thing. This little quote sums it up:

“The chief aim of this volume is to encourage investigation rather than to give information.” – Handbook of Nature Study

I recently found a blog featuring this very book and who’s purpose is dedicated to encourage those interested in using it. Once our book arrives I hope to participate in the weekly Outdoor Hour Challenge  featured on this blog. In the interim, I will leave you with this quote:

Nature observation is enhanced by sketching what is seen: “To look at it is something, but its spirit will not come at once; you must look long enough, with a child’s forgetfulness of time. Gazing for long, though, becomes tedious; you begin to think of the dinner-hour. But to draw it is to caress it; all the difference between staring at a kitten and stroking it; between watching a game and playing it. That is why it is worth learning to draw.” [from this Parents’ Review article]



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  1. I be liking those Lichen! Sorry just had to say that . . . great post and is a great project for the kids!

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