A Winter Nature Walk

junco01Well, after taking my first dose of my newly prescribed fresh enthusiasm, we had a fantastic day! We did many things differently, enough to write a few new posts about, but the highlight of the day was taking off outside and reacquainting ourselves with “the nature walk”.  Armed with notebooks, pencils, binoculars and field guides we set off to the nearest park like setting (which happened to be the local dog park) we could walk to. I was confident; however, that we would find at least a few things worth observingMallard Duck. To my surprise, we noticed many things. The first thing we spotted, or heard I should say, were some little birds chirping among the brambles. After waiting and watching for a few minutes we spotted a male and female Dark Eyed Junco – and when they were startled and took cover for the brambles we realized that there were in fact many of them in the trees, their camouflaging was simply doing what it was designed to do!
Though we couldn’t spot any blossoms, we did see evidence of new spring growth preparing to make it’s near appearance. Branches were sprouting new shoots, which in turn were displaying new buds. Not knowing what kind of tree we were inspecting, we took a small twig with tiny little pine cones home to look up later. I was quite skeptical that we would actually discover what said tree was, due to the very small piece of evidence and lack of leaves on the tree, but I’m now confident that we were  in fact observing a Mountain Alder.


After continuing on, my youngest daughter spotted a male and female duck doing what appeared to be a little house  keeping. She was eager to draw her findings right there on the bridge. Later on that evening, after dinner was said and done, the girls were happy to complete their nature drawings which later transpired into an art activity that the three of us enjoyed together.


Overall, a little walk that took less than 30 minutes, turned out to be a unique, diversified, and entertaining learning experience – one that I can’t wait to do again.





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4 responses to “A Winter Nature Walk

  1. Loved the artwork. Love nature walks in the winter!

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  3. Cheryl,

    Do you have a post that talks about the steps your girls take to draw nature. I am familiar with Leslie Walker’s book but figuring out how to draw, then color, then outline etc. seems foggy to me. How much of the drawing to you all atempt to do in the field and what can be saved for later?

    Do you take your Nature guide with you and look up those things as you are drawing them?

    BTW, the drawings are simply beautiful. We are studying Jeannie Fulbright’s Botany right now and I would love to try incorporating this into what we are already doing.


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