Gratefulness – Where Does Yours Lie?

treeOver at Heart of the Matter, their weekly Friday meme is What Are You Thankful For? Being  a Canadian resident, our Thanksgiving has come and gone, but never the less, thankfulness is not something reserved only for national holidays. Last year, I had written a post entitled What Are You Thankful For?, and shortly thereafter, I had written a post entitled Thankful For the Simple Things, as I was once again stirred into a state of gratitude during our unit study of a Pioneer Christmas. It is these simple things that we often take for granted; albeit unintentionally.

This year is my sixth year of homeschooling, and I have to say that deciding to take on this lifestyle has been one of the most difficult and draining, yet incredibly fulfilling and enriching experiences of my life. I would have to say that the the freedom to homeschool in this country and province is at the top of my list of things to be thankful for. Homeschooling is a lifestyle that requires inexhaustable amounts of patience, an endless resource of time, expendable amounts of creativity, and a tireless ability to remain flexible as the children develop not only in the area of academics but also in the area of humanities. We are a family. We learn to read, write, and do arithmetic, but we also learn to love, accept and forgive.

The other predominant subject of my gratefulness has been the incredibly enriching, honest, and close friendships I have developed with a few very special women in my life. These friendships have come at a time when I am being stretched in my personal and spiritual life. These honest, beautiful women have displayed human emotion, empathy, and endurance. They have mirrored patience and perserverance. They have shared their love and laughter. For these things I am very grateful indeed.

So, what are YOU grateful for?



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2 responses to “Gratefulness – Where Does Yours Lie?

  1. What a great post. I’m so glad I stopped on over to your blog today.

  2. A very inspiring post, thank you … :0)

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