Where do you homeschool?

Over at Heart of the Matter, their weekly Friday meme is “Where Do You Homeschool?” Yes, today is Saturday, but hey what can I say? We homeschool – gotta be flexible, right?
Homeschool Drawers 1

Kitchen Drawers

Homeschool Drawers

Kitchen Book Nook

I actually participated in a similar meme once before, showing primarily our newly renovated kitchen – which resulted in a much more efficient use of our space. Presently, we live in what is considered by today’s standards, a “small space”. One thousand square feet to be exact – three bedrooms and one bathroom for a family of four. The childhood home I grew up in was a much bigger space, so my present home environment does at times feel very much on the small side. However; homeschooling is a lifestyle that often forces us to make sacrifices – leaving us to rent out the remaining one thousand square feet (that exists as our walk out basement) as a two bedroom suite.

Kitchen Table

Which brings me back to the topic of this post “Where do you homeschool?” – the answer to this would be anywhere we have good lighting and a place to sit our bottoms. Primarily, yes – it is at the kitchen table which is large, pretty, and virtually indestructible. Usually the words pretty and indestructible don’t exist in the same sentence, but being an interior designer turned homeschooler, who happens to be married to a very capable tilesetter/carpenter has it’s advantages. The table is booth style – the seat backs are covered in designer fabric – the seats, in a washable black vinyl. The table top is travertine tile, the edges aluminum, and the flooring is cork. These surfaces make up for the pretty – but they are also tough, durable and naturally stain resistant. And let me tell you – they need to be tough, ‘cuz this home environment puts on a lot of ‘living’ mileage every single day!

Comfy Couch: before the books went in the bookshelves.


We also make good use of our comfy couch which is the coveted favorite reading spot of many who live here. Even though we haven’t had cable television in 14 years, the big screen tv (not shown) is a wonderful venue to take in a biography, documentary, or family movie together. National Geographic really comes alive on this thing! If you look closely you will find other favorite reading spots around here. The girls each have their own bedroom, and with a little help from Ikea and some elbow grease, their rooms have turned into their own special places to play, read and learn.

loft bed
loft bed

My oldest daughter has a loft style bed with a desk underneath, providing her with a place to write, draw and create. Later on, this will be a prime spot for a laptop computer – even though she is only eleven, she has taken a preference to using the computer to write her stories, learning keyboarding skills and word precessing at the same time.

loft bed desk area

loft bed desk area

loft bed reading area

loft bed reading area







We have tried to create a reading environment around each child’s bed as well, complete with task lighting, and shelves nearby for books – encouraging reading before bed. My youngest daughter has a neat little reading retreat on her bottom bunk. This is her favorite place to read. Her books are stored in her Trofast storage system from Ikea – along with everything else this child is into. This system was an answer to my spacesaving prayers!

Trofast Ikea Shelves
Trofast Ikea Shelves
bunk reading centre
Bunk Reading Centre
Cozy place to hang out
Cozy place to hang out
l'il bookshelf
Bedside Shelf







My latest and happiest purchase (also from Ikea) has been the new bookshelves. In the past we’ve lived with make shift bookshelves that never matched and always seemed to be eternally messy. These new book shelves are seven feet tall and take up the only available wall space in our living room. Books are everywhere in this house, and you can find them in every single room – kitchen, living room, all three bedrooms, and yes, even the bathroom!

My Ikea Billy Bookshelves

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our “homeschool environment” – so tell me, where do YOU homeschool?




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6 responses to “Where do you homeschool?

  1. I like your kitchen table. How wonderful to design it yourself!

    We have two large bookshelves behind our couch, too. They were built by a friend and they were the first thing to go into our home.

  2. Oh my goodness I am LOVING those shelves from Ikea!! That looks like the answer to our storage problem around here 🙂 I’m off to check those out. Have a great weekend!

  3. I need to take some of these organizing ideas and use them…my system is not nearly as efficient!

  4. It all looks so nice and organized… I LOVE all of the bookshelves and open space to stretch and learn. 🙂

  5. I love IKEA too! You have made some great spaces for learning!

    Here is ours.

  6. Hi,
    We’ve always admired people (Moms & Dads) that homeschool their children. The richness of experience, heart, patience, understanding, learning, and all the rest of it…actually makes us glad that what we do (promote cork floors most of the day) helps in some small way to the healthy, homey, and warm atmosphere that you have worked so hard to develop in your home. Please share with us why you picked cork oak…we’d love to hear from you.
    Team Wicanders

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