Fun with Electronics!

electronics-kitYou might think that electronics is not a subject that could be enjoyed by a fourth grader, but this post might just change your mind. I too, was a sceptic. Even though I have daughters who are not afraid of getting dirty, or exploring the world of insects and reptilians, I was sure that electronics might have to wait ’til eight grade. However, to my surprise I came across this nifty little electronics kit titled non other than: Fun with Electronics.


The kit is comprised of a cardboard “workbench”, 52 springs, and various electronic components such as transformers, various capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes and the like. The kids can (and did) put the entire workbench and all the components together themselves with relative ease. Once the workbench is complete, there are 25 different circuits the kids can build on the bench in order to create various electronic projects, including sound, touch, and light activated switches. Following instructions is critical though, and the ability to troubleshoot a problem circuit or locate a missing connection is necessary and requires much patience. Over all, the projects are quick and rewarding, and if the kids are able to follow verbal instructions well, you can sit and read the circuit patterns to the kids while they go to work and connect it. You can even do so while drinking your coffee – really.


You may be wondering: Okay, that sounds cool, but I have kids in different grade levels and I simply don’t have time for all these separate little projects. Believe me, I had thought of that too. Which is why this year I have taken a different approach to science. I have two girls in grades 4 and 6 with two different sets of learning outcomes for science. If your kids are old enough, consider teaching the same subject to both grades. This electronics kit was purchased to meet 6th grade learning outcomes, and it happens to be something that my fourth grader is very much into. So, as a result, my fourth grader ends up ahead by meeting these 6th grade learning outcomes ahead of schedule – freeing 6th grade science for well, whatever she may fancy. Even though many of us are enrolled, it is possible to find the scholastic freedom that is familiar to many registered home learners.




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3 responses to “Fun with Electronics!

  1. We have this to 🙂 My son loves it!! Sounds like you guys are having a great year 🙂

  2. “Fun with Electronics” kit is simply the best. As you said it caters to 6th grade and also for 4th grade kids, it’s true. Kids who are having passion for science definitely need this kit.

    Thanks for posting


  3. Hi there,

    This is fun really. A good way to inculcate interest in science at a young age.


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