Back To School Madness?

Or is it? How was your first week back to “Home”school?

I’ve been rather absent in the blogosphere this summer. A first for me, considering I started this blog at the beginning of last summer and I had an abundance to write about. This summer; however has provided other opportunities. Opportunities to find rest, relaxation and time to reacquaint myself with lost loves of sorts – photography, running, and poetry to name a few. You can read about how I’m learning to find balance between time for my homeschool and time for myself here, at Heart of The Matter on Wed. Sept 17.

Which brings me back to my topic of this post: Have you been able to strike a balance between work and leisure? If so how have you been able to make that work for you? Does starting a new ‘Back To School’ year translate into barely manageable busyness? Are you already feeling overwhelmed?

In the past, I have found that sticking to a reasonable amount of routine, having a plan, and most importantly: cutting back the extra curricular activiteshas been a tremendous asset to finding such balance and maintaining peace of mind for all parties involved. The best advise I received from another homeschool family was to keep the extra curricular activities to a minimum. For this family that translated into 2 or 3 activities total for the year. Out of a need for a less busy routine myself, I gave it a try last year. my children had to pick only two activities per term. They could pick another activity during the next term as long as there was no more than two activities per term – total. This means that we were only out twice a week. And guess what? It worked! Harmony was restored. Last year turned out to be a very productive and fun school year. Not only did we have more time to focus on academics, but there was more time for field trips and social opportunities, because I wasn’t worried about having to rush home in order to only go out once again.

This year we are following the same guidelines, and even though my girls are getting older and their interests are becoming their own, we are still able to stick the the ‘only two’ rule, and hopefully (with any luck) we will be able to continue a sense of harmony and balance in our day to day routine.


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3 responses to “Back To School Madness?

  1. My advice to homeschoolers is to always limit your activities. In an attempt to “socialize” their children many new homeschooling families burn out trying to do too much.

    BTW you live in one of my favorite BC cities! Enjoy Victoria for me. I shall be checking back often to live vicariously through you. LOL

  2. Yeah we’re kind overboard here with the extra-curricular stuff…my dd11 has just a couple of empty nights each week…but she LOVES being busy, so we go with it. 🙂

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