Science World Extravaganza!

Our summer holidays took us on a day trip to visit Science World, in Vancouver, B.C. This is an amazing place to take the kids and let them explore the wonders of science to their heart’s content. Pack a lunch and plan to spend the day here in order to explore all the fascinating science displays and interactive stations that are available. 

Occasionally, I like to sneak in learning– kind of like sneaking vegetables into the kids’ meals. The children have no idea of all the incredibly great learning that is taking place – they think they are just having fun. It’s neat to watch the kids in this kind of environment, as it gives a parent and idea (if you’re paying close attention) as to what kind of sciences naturally appeal to them. 

I also had an ulterior scheme motive, I must confess, besides subjecting the kids to a world of science. There is a Disney trip in our near future, and I had conspired thought that planning a full day of walking/exploring in Vancouver would give me a taste as to who might behave like what. This was indeed a very good experiment. It gave me an idea as to how many times people (big and small) got hungry, how many times they had to pee, how many times someone needed to sit down, how long we could walk, and ultimately: how sore everyone’s feet got. In the end it was determined that an afternoon rest and possibly a nap), a fanny pack full of snacks, a large bottle of water and much better walking shoes for everyone would definitely be in order! 

But I digress, so back to Science World. The kids had an amazing time. The favourite science room was the one on forces in motion. There were pulleys to play with, giant levers to learn on, and forces of air and water to wonder about. Ever hour on the hour there was also a live science show on the main stage – a highlight for the kids, and an opportunity for everyone to sit for 20 minutes. 

If you haven’t already, and you plan to visit Vancouver, BC, then consider visiting Science World with the whole family. Your kids will thank you for it (though your feet may not), and you may even end up covering a learning outcome or two for next year. Failing that, you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two that you didn’t know before.


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3 responses to “Science World Extravaganza!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day and a great place to visit.

  2. I would love to take the kids to science world 🙂 My husbands grandparents are having a 60th anniversary this year in Delta and if we go it is one of the first stops on my list *grin* The kids really want to go the aquarium to 🙂 Looks like you are having a great summer!

  3. My boys loved Science world! We always took the time to visit there when we made trips to Vancouver. Someday the rest of my kids will get the opportunity to visit. Hopefully they won’t be too old to enjoy it.

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