My first FREE Give-Away!

Would you like to win a brand new, never before opened computer game for the kids? I have a FREE copy of Egg vs. Chicken, from PlayFirst Games, for the lucky winner. The game is described as one that will capture the imagination and engage the mind, not to mention eggsterically funny.

What do you have to do you may ask? All you have to do is correctly identify these furry little creatures that were found in my back yard. You must provide the name of their species along with their Latin name, just for fun. The first one to correctly identify this little caterpillar, wins the prize.

If you really want to make this educational, involve the kids – charge them with correctly naming the little creatures. Encourage them to break out their field guides. The only one who can’t play is Tom from Monarch, ‘cuz, well he already knows what it is. But go ahead and hop on over to his website if you’re looking for clues. You never know what you might find, or not (grin).

(Contest is now closed)


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7 responses to “My first FREE Give-Away!

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  2. Is it a Silver Spotted Tiger Moth?

  3. My apologies, I forgot to add the Latin name 🙂

    Lophocampa argentata

  4. And may I add, my daughter and I got the willies looking at sooo many pictures of caterpillars to find the right one! LOL!

  5. Hi,
    My mom allowed me to post this.

    I believe this is a gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar.

    Nathaniel Jordan (11)

  6. homeschooljourney

    We Have A Winner! Beckie from Spookiez Spot was the first one to correctly identify our little furry catterpillar. Congratulations Beckie and thank you Jess for participating. Lymantria dispar is a good guess, but he is in fact: Lophocampa argentata.

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