It’s Not Easy Being Green

Well, are you ready for the big news? We have a frog! That’s right, so far the I’ve managed to keep all four of our tadpoles alive. Though I have a reputation for being a fish killer, I’ve somehow managed to allow the kids to successfully observe metamorphosis. Our little tadpoles have put on quite a display of change. Over all from start to finish it took about 40 days for the first tadpole to turn into a little frog. A little tree frog at that. To be more specific: the Pacific Tree frogPseudacris regilla. This little frog is also known as the Pacific Chorus frog, and is well established in these parts. We will continue to observe the frogs for a few months, recording and observing their behaviour, then we will release them back to where we found them.

We have given the little guy a new home and have moved the rest of the tadpoles who are in various stages of development into a little pond inside the terrarium. The kids now have a new job and associated title as: official insect collectors ‘cus Mom won’t touch ’em’s. A rather long title and too big to put on a name tag, so we’ve shortened it to: B.G. (aka: Bug Gatherer). Though I have been known to dangle a wee cricket by one leg with a pair of tweezers in front of the little green guys face, but – we won’t go there.



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4 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. That’s AWESOME! Our tadpole survived too, and now with it’s little froglet friend, we have two frogs in our tank 🙂

  2. WOW! That is so cool… I’m not gonna show my kids it though because I’m REALLY iccky about bugs and they might wanna try 😉 ..LOL

    God bless,

  3. I’m glad to here that the rumor is true and that frogs really do turn into tadpoles. We have been raising one for atleast the past 4 weeks and it’s tail is still intact with no sign of legs 😦

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