The Great Big Pool of Bigness

That’s right: we bought a new pool for the backyard. It’s one of those simple set pools – a no brainer. Not really something to write home about. Unless….

You see the pool we had the year before last was very similar. Sixteen by four feet deep. The problem we had then was the lack of level ground. So my super duper handy dear husband made a custom level platform that was to be the envy of all simple set pool owners who’s pools resembled a bowl of soup on a slanted table. You get the picture. So dh makes this perfectly level framed, supported platform to support our summertime pool madness. It was great! But alas, these pools are not made to last forever. Two years later we find ourselves in need of a new one.

Original Pool Platform

So, as not to mess with the custom, supported, perfectly level platform that now lives in our backyard, we wisely ordered another pool exactly the same size as it’s recently demised predecessor. Another sixteen by four feet simple set pool. When to what did our wondering eyes did appear? Was a simple set pool; large enough to cause fear!

That’s right – the dimensions of the actual pool superseded the dimensions that happily lived on the box. What do do? Dh never ceases to amaze me. He creatively and quickly, managed to carefully build out the existing platform, and managed to transform it into a new perfectly sized platform – where our much larger than anticipated pool now sits happily – and perfectly level. I stand in awe.

Newly Built Out Platform



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3 responses to “The Great Big Pool of Bigness

  1. I love these pools too. We’re on our third one, although we don’t have such a fancy schmancy level set up as you do! lol! My husband levelled it with sand, but I’d definitely prefer your set up, much more permanent and good looking. Not that we’ve had pool weather lately- here it’s still June-uary!!

  2. Nice!!! Hope you get lots of nice weather to enjoy the pool.

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