Oh, go take a hike!

Occasionally I get asked what we do for PE as a homeschooling family. Over the years, we have participated in numerous activities, and you can read about some of them and glean more ideas here. I find that homeschooling allows us to try out numerous activities without going too nuts.

(Though homeschooling families can sometimes over do the extra curricular activities as well as anybody else, careful planning is essential. So, balance people….balance. It’s a process.)

One wise homeschooling family once gave me this piece of advice. Try to keep your extra curricular activities limited to two or three at a time. This allows families to have a balance between academics, friends, physical activities and family time. So this year I took this piece of advice to heart and gave it a shot. Since we recently renovated our kitchen, funds do not flow as abundantly as they used to, so for me this was good timing.

During the first two thirds of the year we spent our extra curricular time on weekly swimming lessons, hiking, and Awana. The last leg of the year we are participating in weekly track and field practices (preparing for the meet in June – we compete against private schools) acting classes and more hiking. The classes cost money, but the cost is minimal and the school we are enrolled with covers the cost of these lessons. 

Hiking; however, is an activity we do as a family. Over the course of the year our weekly strolls have turned into more rigorous bootcamps hikes that involve occasionally stopping to gasp catch our breath. Let me tell you, not only is this activity free, it’s also a great way to get fit. We have hiked to beaches, up mountains, and through dense rain forests. Along the way we have encountered numerous species of birds, insects, signs of wild life, and various flora and fauna. We have hiked by ourselves and with other homeschooling families. We have hiked in the rain and the wind and the sun and the snow. We have hiked all year long and it’s been wonderful.

So if money is a concern for you, I encourage you to get out there as a family and go exploring. Enjoy the fresh air, get outdoors, and get moving.


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