Get Growing!

Since we have wrapped up our study on marine biology for now, (because when you homeschool the learning never stops nice and neatly at the end of a semester) we are now starting our botany study. We are using another one of Fulbright’s texts Exploring Creation with Botany.

There are many fun things you can do with children while pursuing a study of plants. Right out of the gate we were growing things in paper towels and cotton balls – no soil needed for these! In addition, one of the things the girls have been particularily keen on was creating their very own botany journals – not to be confused with nature notebooks.

I’ll be giving you some sneak peeks into their botany journals a little later on, but for now head on over to Heart of the Matter and read my most recent post on Fun With Botany.

See you there!


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3 responses to “Get Growing!

  1. Laurie

    It really is the perfect time for a Botany study isn’t it? We have recently dragged our Exploring Creation With Botany out too. We went to Exploration Place in PG when we were on the road trip to CHEC and they had awesome Botany book samples set up for children to look at. I loved it when they showed a sample and gave Latin name, but the best part for us was reading about the particular plants usefulness to us and the warnings about certain plants too.

    Looking forward to seeing samples of your kid’s work.


  2. We just got this book in the mail to *grin* We loved the astronomy one and I found her botany book on the used curriculum board at an awesome price and with it being the growing season we’re going to head right into it 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you post about it.

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