Wordless Monday

Math Helpers

Perhaps math is more fun when you have little helpers?

         (check out the critter holding her pencil!)



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3 responses to “Wordless Monday

  1. Laurie

    We also attended the conference and benefited greatly from D. Ferguson’s classes. This was the first year dh attended and that is what he got the most out of. We bought a couple of the books too. It was a great conference. I would like to see more world view stuff in the future. Thanks for a great review. I enjoyed reading it. We were also interested in the youth worldview course that they offer. What did you think of that?


  2. homeschooljourney

    Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I loved this D.Ferguson guy. I think he should have had more time for his workshop – it had an interactive flair to it as well which I liked. This was the first time I had heard about a biblical worlview presented this way. I bought his big book Understanding the Times.

    I think the classes for youth look very appealing.

  3. Laurie

    Yes I agree that more time allotted to him would have been great! I loved how he said that churches weren’t the goal, but that disciples were and that churches were a means to meet that goal, but not an end in itself.

    I spoke with Sandra M (an organizer of the conference) She said that because it was the first time he had come to present they wanted to see what he was like before giving too much time to him. She also said if he was well received they would consider giving him more time in the future if he came back. So of course I gave him a very enthusiastic review LOL! We also bought Understanding the Times as well as another paper back book (can’t remember the title).

    I noticed you like Ruth B’s Grammar approach. We use lots of her stuff/methods too. She is such a great lady and educator. We also have her World History made Simple, A Biblical Home Education, You Can Teach Your Child Successfully…. I’m sure we have others too *grin. My dh and sons put up two more bookshelves for us tonight . One can never have too many book shelves……..


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