So You Had A Bad Day…

They wrote a song about this – it’s actually pretty good. Unless you’re in the middle of your bad day. Like I was. Yes, I had one too. Just today – I had to walk away.

We all have them – bad days. Unfortunately, those who homeschool can often let the bad days steal the joy from the majority of the good days we just had. Why do we do that? We can obsess about the bad days – and have a bad day obsessing about the bad days. Sound’s funny, doesn’t it?

When you have a bad day – walk away. Take a break. Ask yourself what you’re feeling and why. Often, it has nothing to do with our kids. Often it has something to do with ourselves. When I’m at my utmost, I can take the good, the bad and the ugly without flinching too much. But when, I’m off it doesn’t take much to set me off. I need to stand back, take five and try again. I can’t give my best if I’m not at my best.

Too often we try to push through without doing any investigating on our part. Usually someone gets hurt along the way. This can be avoided if we put away the books for the rest of the morning, or the rest of the day – whatever it takes. Perhaps there is something you need to learn. Perhaps we need to forgive someone, perhaps we need to allow ourselves to just feel – disappointment, anger, resentment, whatever it is – if we don’t allow ourselves to do this, those feelings will rise up and infect the good we’re trying to achieve and all will be lost.

We all have bad days. They are part of life. We can fight them or we can learn from them. I had a bad day – I wrote this post – I feel a little better.

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