Ebb & Flow

CountdownThere are roughly 65 days left of our current school year. For some of us who homeschool year round, that number means very little. For the rest of us who live in houses with NO air conditioning in the summer, it means we put the books away for the months of July and August and take to outdoor living.

I am turning 40 this month, and lately this leaves me feeling rather contemplative. Nothing too deep – but a desire to be unusually creative. I have become interested in creative writing, poetry and even photography and I’m keenly aware of just how unhappy I can become if I’m not able to create something at least sometime during the week. This allows me to look at my children and appreciate their own desires to create – artistically or otherwise. Put this together with the 65 days left in our school year and one can begin to panic and feel compelled to shelve all this creative stuff and bury our noses in workbooks.

To find out more about how I am able to achieve balance in this area – head on over to Heart of the Matter and read the rest of my post. See you there!



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2 responses to “Ebb & Flow

  1. JUST had to come and wish a FELLOW 1968~er a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    your HOTM post today was GREAT!!


  2. Well, there you are. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I like this post. I’ve been feeling very similar. So far my creativity has been used up in the yard, but I do miss the painting I used to do.

    Happy birthday! Come to book club and I’ll even make you a birthday cake. XO

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