Note to homeschoolers: Don’t be psychotic!

soap boxHorray for critical thinkers! I came across this post this afternoon while having my cup of tea (and taking respite from attacking monster sized dust balls hiding underneath things) and I just had to share it with you. It is a rebuttal to Steven Downes argument. Stephen Downes, a senior researcher with the National Research Council who also writes and speaks extensively on education issues, published a brief entry on the court ruling in California in which he essentially equated homeschooling with abuse.

What I love about this rebuttal is this blogger’s ability to expose this argument for what it is. Weak. She has creatively and intellectually explored both sides of this weak argument and is able to clearly back up her statements. Her thought process is clear, coherent, complete and even funny. Please take the time to hop on over to Principled Discovery and read her post – Note: to homeschoolers: Don’t be psychotic! This is exactly the kind of critical thinking that I posted about the other day.


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