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The Secret Invasion of BananasLast weekend we attended the 2008 Pacific Festival of the Book – which, by the way was a great success. This was a great place to take the kiddos and expose them to not only, new and exciting literature, but also to give them an opportunity to meet the authors themselves. There were indeed some great authors and poets to meet and there was a great workshop put on by Robert Priest on youth writing and poetry. The kids enjoyed the experience and we came home with a few new books including The Secret Invasion of Bananas – poetry for children, by Robert Priest, which was one of our favorites. When one hears a story or poem read out-loud by the author her/himself, the word engaging falls short in terms of describing the experience.

Getting You WritingIn addition to the poetry, I picked up a wonderful little booklet by Naomi Beth Wakan called Getting You Writing! I believe the booklet was written with the purpose of inspiring adult writers, both new and novice, to find creative ways to expand their writing skills. What I noticed immediately, was that this little booklet is a really great resource for teachers and homeschoolers alike and contains a wealth of ideas for inspiring students to think creatively – outside the box. I had to practically wrestle it out of one of my teacher friend’s hands. I highly recommend having a copy on your resource shelf – in fact, it even inspired me to perhaps take a new twist on my own writing skills. I can’t wait to put it to use.

CompositionsIn addition to this wonderful little booklet – I purchased Compositions: Notes on the written word, also by Naomi Beth Wakan. It is a book on the writing process itself, or as quoted in the foreword by the author itself: a gathering of musings on books, writers and writing. Another book which will most likely, take up permanent residence on my resource shelf.

What are your favorite writing resources? Feel free to share and tell us why.


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2 responses to “Writing Resources

  1. Hi there, I was wondering how this went. Glad you all had a great time.
    Missed you at book club.

  2. I don’t have your name, but thanks for the kind words. This year I am taking new exercises a little deeper in my upcoming chapbook “Writing your way to health”. Of course the book will not heal a thing, but the writing practice it suggests might.

    good wishes from Gabriola,

    Naomi Beth Wakan

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