Critical Thinking – Not Magical Thinking!

logic puzzleWhen I first started homeschooling five years ago, I picked up a book called The Well Trained Mind – a guide to giving your child a classical education at home. This book set the foundation for my homeschool approach and gave me a solid plan to start out on this homeschooling adventure. Since then I have moved away slightly from the classical methods outlined in this book and have now become somewhat eclectic in my homeschool approach.

Filed away in the recess of my mind though was some information I gleamed from the book about teaching our children to think critically once they reach a certain age. Since my oldest daughter is now eleven I’ve been keeping a keen eye out for signs that she may be ready to start thinking on a more critical level. According to most classical models, this logic stage can happen between the ages 10 and 13. This is not a post so much about The Well Trained Mind, nor is it a post about the classical model of teaching. It is a post however, about the importance of instructing our children in the skill of being able to think logically – through deduction and reasoning. We refer to this as critical thinking. It is a skill that is not taught in most schools, and it is a skill that is absolutely foundational in order to support an argument or belief system…..

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