Friday Meme: Where Do You Homeschool?

School TableWe do most of our homeschooling at our kitchen table – which was until rather recently, a little on the small side. A couple of years ago we decided it would be better financially to renovate rather than move. Our small, cramped galley style kitchen had become much to small and there was not efficient room to store all our school things and still have our home resemble – well, a home.

Homeschool CupboardSo, renovate we did. It took a lot of planning and a full year to complete the renovation – which we lived, worked and schooled through. The result was a much more functional kitchen/family space that we could cook in, do office work in, do school work in and yes, even do laundry in. Upper Cupboard019.jpgA variety of well placed cupboards and drawers and a much larger kitchen table enabled us to live and school much more efficiently. The end result? There is a place for everything and everything is in its place (well, most of the time)  😉

While most of the school work is done in the kitchen, we have also been known to use the living room, bedrooms and even outside on the deck when the weather is warm (but not too windy). On occasion we ave even made use of the library. So, there you have it. Now, where do you homeschool?

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7 responses to “Friday Meme: Where Do You Homeschool?

  1. Looks good!!! Thanks for sharing!! I bet that renovation was FUN lol, but totally worth it!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It looks like you are clever in the way you have your HS stuff organized! Aren’t renovations fun?

    Have a great week end!
    @Cornerstone Classical

  3. We homeschool in our family room. One end of it has a desk for me and a desk for my son, with a bookshelf in between. But we’ve been spilling out from that space for awhile now. We move around a lot. He likes to read on the couch, and do math at the kitchen table. I don’t want him to just sit at his desk all day.

    Next year, when we start homeschooling my daughter as well, the space will be too small. So, I’m finishing our basement with the sole purpose of having it be our classroom. At least one half of it will be devoted to desks, worktables, and shelving. I know people have said not to have your classroom tucked away in a basement, but ours is right below our family room, and I’m making it bright and cheery. There’s a big window that lets light in through the window well. But I am also planning to have a huge world map on one wall, and another wall devoted to pictures of things the kids are studying. We’ll also switch around, back upstairs at times, to the kitchen table, etc.

  4. Everything looks so great and organized!

  5. Thanks for sharing!!
    It looks like you have some great storage space!! : ) Yeah, for renovations!! 🙂

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