A Day in the Life of…….

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A typical homeschool day in our house is usually quite varied and subjects are split up throughout the week. So, without further ado here’s mine from yesterday (because alas, today isn’t over yet…..)

snooze7:00 am: My hubby’s alarm goes off – nobody responds and a wailing arm hits the snooze button.

7:15 am: Same as above (as a matter of fact you can repeat the above pattern for the next 30 minutes)

8:00 am: Hubby arises and is off to the shower.

8:00 am: I open my eyes, and wait for the shower to stop (this is my cue to get up). I think about nothing.

8:30 am: I am dressed and drinking my first cup of coffee, I check my email and blogs. (the kids are up – getting dressed & their breakfast)

bible9:00 am: Hubby leaves for work and the rest of us sit on the couch to read the Bible and pray. I’m reading the rest of Esther today. My girls love this story.

9:30 am: We are done the story, and spend the next half hour talking about things of God (they always have soooo many questions).

10:00 am: We practice our memory work from James. The girls take turns reciting (and Mom too) James 1:1-12, and are working on the next verse.

10:15 am: The girls are reading in the living room. The 5th grader is reading Heidi, and the third grader is reading The Trumpet of the Swan. I am writing yesterdays blog post and listening to the rain.

math10:45 am: We start our math. My 3rd grader is using MUS Gamma and is done in close to 20 minutes, my fifth grader is using Saxon 6/5 and takes about an hour. I usually sit with her to help her stay focused and we often mark as we go.

11:45 am: My oldest starts her Spanish. She does this by herself, while I help my little one with her cursive practice.

12:00 pm: My oldest does her grammar lesson by herself, while my youngest practices her multiplication skills on a self correcting web site.

12:30 pm: LUNCH! My oldest daughter makes the sandwiches while the younger one becomes her slave assistant. After lunch is FREE TIME. The kids go play outside, I do a bit of house work.

Canada1:30 pm: We finish up our school work. I help my youngest one with her writing (she is writing a short story based on a story web that she created herself) while my oldest one works on her Geography.

2:00 pm: I do social studies with my youngest – we are having a pretend interview. She is the reporter and I am one of the mayor’s councillors. Every now and then I throw in a funny word in the sentence just to see if she catches it. This usually causes much laughter and silliness.  🙂

My kitchen table on school work duty: 

School Table

2: 30 pm: We are done for today! My oldest daughter finishes off the decorations she is making for her birthday party that she planned by herself (when did that happen?), and enlists the help of her 8 yo slave assistant.

3:00 pm: I do some dishes, put on a load of laundry and start thawing the meat for supper.

3:30 pm: I enlist the help of my oldest slave assistant, in the dinner preparations. I dump all the ingredients in bowl, and my daughter mixes them and forms the meatballs for supper.

meatballs3:35 pm: Daddy calls from work to tell me he’s not hungry.

4:00 pm: I let my slave assistant go off to play and I finish the supper – prepare the sauce, cut the broccoli, fix the rice.

4:30 pm: I put the meatballs in the oven, then sit for about 30 minutes or so.

5:00 pm: The kids set the table, and we get ready to eat.

5:15 pm: DINNER! The girls and I have dinner without Daddy – because he isn’t hungry.

5:30 pm: The girls clear the table, they go play while I do the dishes – I light the candles, and set the table for one – because I know him.

5:44 pm: Daddy comes home, investigates the dinner and decides he’s a little bit hungry after all.  🙂

5:50 pm: The Mama smiles.

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10 responses to “A Day in the Life of…….

  1. LOL My husband never says that he’s not hungry! It’s usually, So you want me to get something while I’m out? Which is his way of saying that he’s starving but doesn’t want to make me cook if I’m having a bad day. 🙂

  2. I love the 8am comment. That is me on weekends when dh is home. :o) He leaves around 6 am on weekdays and I don’t get up that early. :o)

    Your table looks like mine on a typical school day.

    Thanks for letting us take a peak into your day.


  3. Sounds like a great day to me! Very happy. I love your Bible time and then Bible memory. Thanks for the encouragement and the focus on God first.

  4. What a great, productive day!!! I sure love reading the differant types of days that everyone in HS land has! Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  5. Ha Ha….I love the comments about Hubby not being hungry….well, just a little hungry!! LOL!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your day!

  6. LOL I’m glad to know mine isn’t the only kitchen table that looks like that daily. :O)

    My grisl take turns each week being the lunch cook. I think it’s vital that they all play a part in the entire day.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. It is great fun reading about other homeschooling families’ days. Somedays I dream about how easy life will be when my boys get a little older. 🙂 I’m sure it is just a fantasy, but don’t burst my bubble, LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Haha, that would be me slamming the snooze button for a good half hour *grin* and my husband is always starving like a wolf! I would love have him call and say he wasn’t hungry 🙂 I just checked out the self correcting math site you listed and that is fantastc! I’m going to use that with my son since we are working on multiplication, he could use that while I’m doing something with L.
    Hope you aren’t quite as wet today 🙂

  9. Sounds like so much fun! I love that you throw in a little fun and goofiness to your lessons!

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