Nature Notebooks and Winter Birding!

M’s nature notebookP’s nature notebookI haven’t posted in a while about nature notebooks, and considering they’ve made a winter revival in our house I thought this post might be timely. One of my daughters is very keen about birding and diagramming, the other  more into art and sketching. Winter birding; however, can rekindle a natural curiosity between said child and her nature notebook.

backyard bird feederOur winter birding experiences can take on the appearance of the following. Firstly, get yourself a bird feeder and place it somewhere close to a window. It’s handy to be able to observe them without pulling out the binoculars. Secondly, have a handy field guide available to easily look up new and interesting birds that come to visit your feeder (a camera is also handy). Thirdly, watch and wait. If you build it, they will come.

Birding Field TripOccasionally we will venture outdoors with our binoculars and partake on a birding field trip put on by the CRD. These are free and usually include a very knowledgeable guide, to teach us the art of observation. Often my daughters are quick to point out new birds on a family hike, or nature walk as well.Birds of Vancouver Once we’ve identified the bird we are able to look up the species in our field guide at home and take this opportunity to diagram what we’ve seen. We’ve been using a field guide called Birds of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland which has proved easy for the kids to use by themselves, but are now ready for something with a little more depth. Still, that said, I would recommend this field guide for elementary aged children.

Noggins Bird GameOne of the best Christmas gifts my children have keenly taken to are the Professor Noggins card games. We have a few and one, obviously, on birds. My youngest daughter is the continual champion of this game and I highly recommend purchasing one in any area of study that interests your child. If is a fun way to fuel the natural interests in the children.

Do you have any birders in your homeschool? If so, why not share what you are doing or have done to explore birding in your homeschool or family. Include drawings or diagrams your child may have done in a sketch or nature notebook. I’ll include a Mr. Linky below and you can link from here directly to your site in order to share with our readers on a broader scale. In the meantime, happy birding!



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6 responses to “Nature Notebooks and Winter Birding!

  1. Hey there,

    Great minds must think alike – I just blogged about our birding activities too! In fact, my Winter Gardening post was originally titled Winter Gardening and Birds, but when I got to the end and there was no mention of birds anywhere, I took that part out (I’m a little long-winded when it comes to the garden).

    We are just starting some nature journalling, so there’s nothing to include on that front, but I look forward to seeing what you and your girls get up to.

  2. I think it is great that you take the kids out birding. Birds are such a great part of our world and so much fun to watch!

  3. Why has this thought of getting a bird feeder not come to my mind before now? I will for sure do that. And I so love birds!

    I read on your post on the Heart of the Matter that you stopped designing to homeschool. I stopped my staging and redesign business last year to do the same. Looks like it’s turning out great. There will be homes in 12 years that need help.

  4. Hi 🙂 We have been having a blast watching what birds are coming to our bird feeders. We just finished making a fruit bowl bird feeder filled with peanut butter suet and I linked to it on your Mr. Linky 🙂 Are you taking part in the Great Backyard Bird Count Feb. 15th – 18th?
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Jennifer

    i never hear of Professor noggins. thanks for the review. i might try these with my kids.

    we are just starting nature studies and are enjoying all the birds here in winter. we are in N. Florida and there are some that come here now that we don’t get to see the rest of the year m like the yellow warblers.

  6. Jennifer

    oops last comment, i typed my email address wrong.

    was saying how i hadn’t hear of Professor Noggins so thanks for the review. we may have to try it.

    also, we just started nature study and are enjoying all the birds in winter. there are so many that come to N. Florida, like the Yellow Warblers, that we don’t normally get to see. i love there beautiful yellow feathers.

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