Back in the Saddle

drumroll2Okay, so I’m not referring to a horse. I am referring to getting back in the swing of things. No, I’m not referring to baseball either.

(drum-roll please)

I’m referring to getting back to our homeschool schedule. What you say? I thought their was only one ‘s’word when it came to homeschool. Aside from the dreaded socialization word, their is the equally dreaded schedule word. The other ‘s’ word. Okay, some of you never use this alternate ‘s’ word, I know. I myself, have formed a kind of love/hate relationship with the said schedule.

I find that from time to time I need to re-visit the schedule, and more often than not, re-write the schedule. I used to be a slave to the schedule and never used one at all. That only worked for a little while until I realized that the schedule can be my friend and not my master. I use it a s a guide line – like a measuring stick. It helps keep me on track. So, being January and starting a new year (as well as a new semester), I revamped the thing again. I think it will work…this time. I hope.

scheuleI’ve also realized that the kids get some sort of satisfaction ticking off their lists. There is less complaining and thus, less grief inflicted upon me. So, in other words, these daily lists makes my life easier. There I said it. Scheduling works for me and my kids are smiling.

So, if you have any scheduling victories (or woes) consider sharing them here with my readers and perhaps we can encourage one another. Tell us what worked and what didn’t work, what you kept and what you threw away. I’d love to hear from you.


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3 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. Hi. My name is Lisa. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! I’m not a columnist, but a contributor to the heart of the matter. *Ü* I wanted to go to all the wonderful blogs and say hi and tell you how excited I am to be a part of this adventure.

    I enjoyed your post too! I have changed my schedule a bit. Mostly just changed what we accomplish first. The things we don’t like, get done first thing! The things we love, last.

    I look forward to 08 and getting to know you better!


  2. cellista

    I really need to write up a schedule. We did ok this week, but are trying to do more with homeschool, and I’m also doing an 888 reading list and I realized how much time slips away from me just doing this or that. I need to be more in control of my time. Thanks for another reminder. It seems like everyone’s talking about schedules lately!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog so far!

  3. Andrea

    I enjoyed reading all the posts. I have been a homeschool mom for the past 4 years. I homeschool 5 this year and I have always used a schedule not because I need one but more so because it really helps the kids to have routine. I have changed several times as well but change is good, not have a routine or a schedule with 5 kids K-5th would be a nightmare, As if teaching all these grade is not.
    I would be happy to share mine as a guide.

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