What Is Your Learning Style?

Learning StylesOne of the most beneficial things I have discovered about homeschooling is the ability to differentiate and discern various learning styles. Why would I find this beneficial? Well, for one – when you homeschool you have a much better chance of understanding how your child learns if you have this information. Knowing my children’s learning styles has helped me tremendously with my approach to teaching. I no longer have to drop my head on the table out of frustration because I think my child is simply not getting it. The reality is – it was me who was not teaching it in a manner that would help my children ‘get it’. When I run into the proverbial brick wall I have to back up and ask myself what approach am I taking in my efforts to explain something?

Discover Your Childs Learning StyleThere are basically three different types of learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. I have two daughters who each have very different learning styles. One is visual – like me, the other auditory – like her father. Which one would you think would be harder to teach? Well, if you were me – it would be the auditory learner. Why? Because I am a visual learner myself. Teaching another visual learner comes naturally for me. Teaching an auditory learner is more of a challenge for me, but I can learn.

The Way They learnI’m sharing this information with you because I’m convinced that having this information will help you tremendously in your homeschool. There are many good books out there on learning styles, but I can personlly recommend Discover Your Child’s Learning Style– by Mariaemma Ms Willis and The Way They Learn – by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias. Both books offer insight on the various learning styles and can help you discern which category your child most likely fits. Just for fun you can visit this website and take the Learning Style Quiz like I did. Here are my results:

you answered A-8 B-6 C-2

based on this info you are probably

a Visual


Thanks for taking the learning styles inventory!

Look at the numbers – more A’s means Visual
more B’s means Auditory
more C’s means Kinesthetic


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7 responses to “What Is Your Learning Style?

  1. I just took the test, and I was overwhelmingly an Auditory learner. (A-4, B-11, C-1) Not much surprise there, but a number of questions I know I do all of the choices and found it hard to pick. I’m going to observe my kids and see if I can figure out what they’d answer for those questions! See what I’m guessing is right or not ;o)

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