Simplify your Tree!

my treeOkay, we all have sore thumbs from stringing popcorn and cranberries, half of our gingerbread cookies burnt, and the dog seems to have secretly eaten the bottom half of the garland; however, all that aside – WE HAD FUN! As I mentioned previously, my artificial department store tree has remained in the basement with all the bling-bling decorations. popcorn & cranberriesIn its place we opted for a real Christmas tree with simplified decorations; the kind of decorations that would have been used in the mid 19th century. So the shiny gold and silver Christmas balls were replaced with garlands of popcorn and cranberries, gingerbread cookies, peppermint candy and pinecones. Mmmm, yes it smells as good as it sounds.

CookiesThe payoff? Our family did this together, and as we strung our garlands and decorated our gingerbread we shared talk and each others company. I think we will definitely do this again. My Christmas tree now has new meaning to me. Rather than being just another decoration, to me it symbolizes the simplicity of the birth of Christ. A humble beginning, the Christ child was born and laid in a lowly manger. In addition, my family now has special memories to attached to this little project we did together, and that alone – is priceless.


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  1. I like your idea of decorating the entire tree with simplified decorations. Since we were learning about pioneers during Christmas, we added some old fashioned decorations to the tree – a gingerbread man (that later lost his arm), strings of popcorn, a paper chain, and pine cones.

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