Christmas Bills?!


With the holidays right around the corner, we often hear the familiar refrains of our favorite Christmas carols and seasonal music. But too many of us tend to sing different words to the familiar tune of Jingle Bells:

Credit CardsDashing to the mall,
In a light blue mini-van,
Stashing all our loot,
Behind the garbage can.
We think the kids need more,
‘Tho their closest’s full of junk,
Then someone sends unneeded things
We’ll just stow into a trunk!


Christmas bills! Christmas bills!
For Christmas we must pay!
See all of our Christmas bills
Still here on New Year’s Day!….. Hey??!!!

Christmas bills! Christmas bills!
We can’t pay today….
We have so many Christmas bills,
There’s got to be a better way…!

– Stay tuned for some better ways to Simplify your Christmas and spend more time (not money) on your children!



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2 responses to “Christmas Bills?!

  1. Great song, and sadly…very true for many.

  2. Homeschoolingthruhighschool

    A couple of years I ran into and purchased the book ‘Unplug the Christmas Machine’. Full of great tips on making christmas simpler. I am not particularly ‘crafty’ but we have changed a few things that have really altered our focus this time of year.
    Some of the big things we have changed?
    Set a low, spending limit for Santa for present and future chrismas holidays. (we cut ours in half for each kid…guess what– they havent missed anything.)
    Buy tickets to the Nutcracker or Dickens Fair, ice skating, a ski day, or something we can all go and do as a family, instead of more_ gifts.
    With a large extended family in every direction, gifts to close friends and family are limited to 10.00 (AND one gift per family) and gifts to extended friends etc are homemade. This year is was jars of pear butter, made in August.

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