Something Fishy!

AlbacoreLast year we had the privilege of touring various aspects of mining industry and forest industry of B.C.  However, a study of B.C.’s resources wouldn’t be complete without taking a closer look at some of B.C.’s fishing industry. Fortunately we live in a location that allows us to tour all three of these industries fairly easily. Although if you want a closer look at some of B.C’s major mines you will have to drive a considerable distance east, like here for example where we landed during last years summer vacation. But I’ll save that for another post. 

Fisherman’s WharfToday we went on a field trip to our very own Fisherman’s Wharf in downtown Victoria, BC. Close to the district of James Bay, this little jewel is a fun place to discover. Talk a stroll along the wharf and take in the quaint float homes, sip a latte, nibble on some fish ‘n chips (seasonal) or talk to a fisherman! Fishermen moor here as they come and go and some make their wares available to the paying public. Some even deliver to your door!

Iron MaidenSo today we had the privilege of touring the Iron Maiden. A local fishing boat that also sells its wares to the paying public. We learned some very interesting facts about tuna varieties and how they fish them in BC waters. We also learned an awful lot about how the trollers work, how they attract fish and where they have to go to catch them. In addition, we learned how much they catch as well as what they use to catch them and what they do with the fish when they catch them. We were able to tour the boat, inspect the equipment, get up close and personal with a 15 lb. albacore tuna, and even taste the wares. Yum!

Big TunaThe kids got to climb on board and take a closer look at all the equipment and take a look inside the cabin, living quarters and even inspect the deep freeze. This is like no other freezer you’ve ever seen!

Harbor SealsTo top it off, the kids enjoyed a visit from a couple of local residents who will do tricks for food. (No kidding!) These little visitors understood how to wave at you and spin in the water for your amusement, all in exchange for a few fish heads and tails.

01wharfSo, if you have a chance to visit Fisherman’s Wharf go ahead and take the family with you. People love to talk about what they do and it gives the kids a chance to learn more about B.C’s fishing industry up close and personal. You may even decide to buy some of the yummy fish available or try their own BC canned tuna, which is by the way, worlds apart (literally) than what you find on the shelves of your local grocery store.


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