I Couldn’t Do That!

ForgiveEvery now and then someone will say to me with regards to homeschooling: “I couldn’t do that”. Well, I have to say they are probably right – if they think they have to do it perfectly. 

How are you doing in your homeschool journey? We all struggle from time to time and I find most homeschool moms need a little dose of encouragement every once in a while. Most of us start out confident and sure we’re doing the right thing. We may even have the privilege of seeing positive changes or developments in our kids learning early on. Sooner or later; however, the hard days set in. We get bogged down with curriculum, our homes get cluttered, we get grumpy and impatient with each other.

What do we do when the hard days set in?

I find the hard days are part of life. They go hand in hand with the good days. We all have them, whether you homeschool or not. What I have noticed though, is the connection that can happen between family members when you mix humility in with humanity. Homeschooling creates an environment where we all see each others humanity loud and clear sometimes (sigh). Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time together. However, it also provides an equal opportunity for us to demonstrate humility towards one another. Being able to say “sorry, I messed up” or “wow, I didn’t know you felt that way, can you forgive me?” can go a long way. An environment that fosters forgiveness is like giving water to a plant. There are far too many bitter people in this world and I often wonder if forgiveness was something that was withheld from them, or worse; that they couldn’t forgive themselves.

So if you’re worried that your humanity gets in the way sometimes, relax. It gets in the way with all of us. Take a deep breath. Take a walk. Take time to reflect. Maybe you need to forgive. Maybe you need to ask for forgiveness. Don’t be afraid to show your humanity, just make sure you mix it with humility.



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2 responses to “I Couldn’t Do That!

  1. Thank you ..this was for me today.

  2. ben

    The picture makes me cry and the truth makes me fearless. Thanks for the reminder.


    just a homeschooler’s dad…

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