Poetry with a Purpose

It’s time for the Weekly Unplugged Project from Mom Unplugged. This week the focus was on Haiku. Though we didn’t create any Haiku, we did create some very meaningful poetry. This week being Veterans Week, the girls created poetry together with artwork as an expression of appreciation for our Veterans who served our country. Their contributions and many others from our homeschool community are part of our Remembrance Day display and can be viewed at Hillside Mall this week.

My youngest daughter (age:8) created an acrostic poem .

Poppy Poem Poppy


On the ground

Picture of


Yard of Poppies

My oldest dd (age: 10) created a quatrain:

P’s Project

Sorrow and Victory

 Muddy men crawl, on the ground in the breeze,

Slipping and sliding on their knees.

The men who fought were very brave,

They fought for our land their lives they gave.

They fought for Canada, our sweet homeland.

                                        They would never give up, they would always stand.

                                      They would fight in the light,

                                      or they would fight ’til night.

                                     The sweat on their brow was streaked with mud,

                                     They wanted to win, so they paid with their blood.

                                     On the shore before dawn, their foes they fought,

                                     The victory was won, their freedom was bought.



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3 responses to “Poetry with a Purpose

  1. Wow! Very impressive! Your children should consider submitting those poems to a kids’ literary magazine such as Stone Soup.

    I am so glad that you joined in this week’s project, even though it is not haiku. Could you fit a “Red” project into your curriculum somehow for next week?

    Thanks again!

  2. Very Talented Children you have. Great poems

  3. Hello Swap buddy *grin*
    I received the beautiful votive holder set this afternoon. Thanks you so much! I will definitely get good use out of it 🙂
    How are you enjoying Don Quixote? It is on my list of books that I want to read but haven’t made it to it yet. A friend of mine said that it was very dry and she had a hard time getting into it and actually never finished it. I hope you are fairing better! And well done on the poetry!! We are going to be doing some stuff for Remembrance Day over the next couple of days to : )
    Blessings to you and your family,

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