Kids Can Sew!

sewingIs your sewing machine collecting dust? Do you have a son or daughter who would enjoy learning to sew? Would you rather have a root canal than teach them yourself? Why not consider sewing classes for kids?

I had quite a few interested girls last year whom I offered to try teaching pilot sewing sewing classes. No, they weren’t learning to fly a plane, I was learning how to teach the kids. I had three sewing machines lined up and ready to go, all I needed was the kids. Before I new it, I had three willing homeschooled girls who were anxious to learn to sew.

sewing toolsOne of the common complaints I heard from others who recalled their own ‘learn to sew’ days was the fact that many were not allowed to sew what they wanted. So, I thought I’d give the girls opportunities to pick out their own simple pattern and learn to sew that. However before we jumped into it, we had one or two classes of becoming familiar with the sewing machine, learning to sew straight and curved lines, learning to turn a corner and learning to lock stitches etc. They even had a chance to use the serger.

Four days later all the girls could set up their own machine, use basic sewing techniques and left with a finished garment or accessory. I think this is something I would definitely offer again. Perhaps in the spring. Any takers?

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2 responses to “Kids Can Sew!

  1. This is a great idea! While I had my sewing machine out making my daughter’s Laura Ingalls Wilder dress, both my daughter (age 7) and son (age 5) spent a lot of time making doll sleeping bags and pillows out of the fabric scraps. They had a lot of fun and managed the machine quite well too!

  2. Andrea

    I have been teaching kids to sew for a year now. I only had two students and a mom but it has been fun. This year we are going to do home ec. Cooking classes and sewing classes. Keep it up because this is an art that couold be lost if we don’t teach them.

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