Quotes on Friday

A good quote about the “S” word. For more on Socialization, see my post here.

SocializationThe trump card the educational establishment used to play against homeschooling is socialization, but the notion that homeschoolers are misfits has been struck a death blow by a young man named Larry Shyers.  Dr. Shyers recently completed a doctoral dissertation in which he challenged the myth that youngsters schooled at home “lag” in social development. In his study, eight- to ten-year-old children were videotaped at play.   Their behaviour was observed by trained counsellors who did not know which children went to regular schools and which were homeschooled.   Their conclusion: “The study found no big difference between the two groups of children in self-concept or assertiveness, which was measured by their social development tests.   But the videotapes showed that youngsters who were taught at home by their parents had consistently fewer behavioural problems.”
(AP, 1994)


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