Make History Come Alive!

232.jpgWant to bring History to life? Want to show your child what a real tepee would’ve looked like? Want them to try their hand at making butter? How about visiting a reenactment of a particular time in history?

Big GunThis summer we were privy to hear about a reenactment of a 19th century fur trade settlement. The event takes place once a year here. It was very interesting and timely since we are currently studying the fur trade. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to connect their learning with real live people and events. We got to take a peek inside an authentic tepee and observe period cook ware, utensils, sleeping quarters, hand made drums, weapons, and even period dress. Period DressSince we ran into some friends, the girls even had an opportunity to dress in period garments themselves. Daily activities were also to be of that period: cooking, hunting, sewing etc. Members were able to participate in black powder target practice and non-members were able to try out tomahawk throwing!

They call themselves the “Malahat Marauders”. Here is what the website says about this event: 

Black PowderMalahat Marauders (Black Powder)

Some of the VFGPA members are Black Powder firearm enthusiasts.  This segment of our club are known as the Malahat Marauders.  A very active group that proudly promote the Heritage of our Country.

The Malahat Marauders reenact the mid-1800s fur trading era by dressing in period costume and using firearms commonly-used during fur trading times.  Some of the members set up primitive camps with canvas tents and do their cooking over open fires.  Black Powder firearms used by the Malahat Marauders are either Flintlock or Percussion muzzle loading rifles, trade guns, pistols and shot guns.  Back in olden times the savvy use of “Knife and Hawk” (throwing knife and tomahawk) were also integral skills for survival.  The Malahat Outdoor Centre features a great walking trail course for Black Powder firearms as well as Knife and Hawk..

Middle AgesI highly recommend checking out these types of activities if there are any in your area. Every summer PARMA puts on a reinactment of a Medieval Village right here in Victoria. Usually during the last week in June. This is definitely worth checking out as well.

Making Butter


We had so much fun at hese events that it inspired me to try it out at home. This year we are going to reinact a Pioneer Chrsitmas. This involves decorating our tree in pioneer fashion (less the candles) making homeade period decorations, garlands and gifts. Perhaps even cooking up some period baked goods and desserts. I hope this inspires you to find your own way to make History come alive!


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  1. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing that. I have wanted to do something like that with the kids but never new that there was anything on the island like that. I’m going to have to check out the sites so that I can mark in when it will happen next year 🙂

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