Budding Engineers?

I-BeamsAny budding engineers in the family? Wondering how to make learning about structures a little more exciting? This year we’ve been studying structural engineering. A little daunting for a third grader? Not if you have the right curriculum. This little book came bundled with my third graders curriculum and we’ve been having quite a bit of fun with it. The most interesting thing is the kids are remembering what we’ve been learning. I think the hands on experiments is what makes this little book a homschoolers jewel. It’s not unusual for us to be out and about and have my third grader notice trusses (they’re everywhere if you look for them) or ask me if a particular foundation of a new building under construction has pilings or not.

Wind TestWe’re not all the way through the book yet and already my daughter has constructed her own “I-Beams”, done “Wind Tests” and deduced the best geometrical shape for the strongest trusses. The best thing is the book asks for things around the house: a corkscrew, cereal boxes, straws, etc. This makes for a quick easy and effective science experiment, and what homeschool mom doesn’t appreciate that?

Here’s the book description as described on Amazon:

Towers and TunnelsBook Description
Budding engineers find out the hows and whys of real towers and tunnels, and then construct their own using cardboard, modeling clay, straws, string and other household and classroom materials. Sidebars include current and historical information about famous towers and tunnels around the world, such as the Eiffel Tower, the CN Tower and the Chunnel. Activities and open-ended experiments let kids have fun as they learn principles of science and technology. Kids are encouraged to keep notes about their discoveries for use in other experiments and school projects.


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  1. Neat : ) We have this book as well but haven’t started using it. Great pictures.
    Blessings to you today,

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