The Money Pit



iphotoiphoto-mailtmp-0-boat.jpgMy husband picked up this little boat for a “fixer-up” hobby. After working on it all spring and having to throw much money at it, the day finally came when the boat could be deemed water worthy. After much excitement and jubilation we piled into the truck with boat and tubes in tow and headed off to Beaver Lake to test our little boat of greatness.

We jutted out to the middle of the lake, wind blowing our hair, faces bent to the wind, smiles beaming, excitement building. Wow, we were finally boat people! I mean ‘cmon, we live on an island folks. You can’t full have island status unless you join the masses and aquire your own water vessel of speed, right?


So we get to the middle of the lake and get ready to board the tubes. We cut the engine, pile kid #1 into the tube, get the tow rope aligned and start the engine.

I said start the engine.

iphotoiphoto-mailtmp-0madison.jpgOkay, so we start the engine. The engine roars and drowns out the child who is saying “Can we go ?” We push the throttle for some speed and the engine….stops. We start the engine, once again drowning out the sound of the now impatient child in the tube saying something like “Why aren’t we going?”. Down goes the throttle again to give us some speed, and once again…..the engine cuts out.

We repeat the procedure 17 times.

Boats of great speed pass by us.

iphotoiphoto-mailtmp-0swim.jpgEventually, we decide to hang out the ladder and let the kids swim off the boat. This does, after all, make our stop look intentional. Once again we appear to be just another happy smiling boat family as the kids dive off the side of the boat. A little while later we decide to head back, hoping no one will notice that we are traveling at trolling speed. Luckily one of the kids wanted to ride in the back of the tube to the boat launch, so our trolling speed looks intentional.

So for now, little boat remains parked in it’s shelter and awaits us, once again, to throw money at it



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