Summer BonFire at the Beach!

Bonfire1Last weekend, a beautiful sunny evening and a fire permit allowed us to enjoy a bonfire at Esquimalt Lagoon. I Invited a variety of people, but just about everyone there was a homeschooling family. bonfire3The kids played until the sun went down and continued to play even after they lost their day light. I kept waiting for someone to trip and fall over one of the many logs strewn all over the beach. Luckily, no one did and fun was had by all. Even the grown ups had a chance to do a little ‘socializing’ too.

BensterApparently this is the last year we will be allowed to have beach fires on this beautiful strip of beach. Too many careless people have left their fires smoldering through the night which in turn causes nearby brush fires and takes our volunteer fire fighters away from other tasks at hand. Too bad. I will miss these beach fires greatly. Some of the best times with friends and family have been around one of these very beach fires.

Bonfire2Shortly after 11:00 pm we all packed it in. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. Thanks again to all who made it out. There were some very serious wiener and marshmallow roasters out there.


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