Wondering About Testing? How About an Eye Test?

Have you had your child’s eyes tested? If you homeschool, you may miss out one regular eye tests performed in school. I had never seen an optometrist when I was a child, but I had the annual eye exam when I was in grade school. img_3750.jpgYou remember, the chart and the little spoon you hold up against one eye at a time? Well, apparently this is a simple sight test, and it does not compare to the extensive eye testing done by a qualified optometrist. They even administer retina exams, that scan the optic nerve and retina in your eye (don’t worry, it’s not like a science fiction movie). This retina scan allows the optomestrist to detect harmful eye diseases that can permanently effect your vision.

img_3751.jpgI beleive in BC, you child’s first eye exam is free under our BC Medical program. We did; however, have to  pay for the retina scan @ $25 each. Although I wear glasses, my children’s vision tested at 20/20 vision. They enjoyed the exam and even learned a little about how the optic nerve sends signals to the brain that tells us what we are seeing. Pretty cool stuff for kids.

img_3753.jpgIt is never too early or late for a professional eye exam, but better earlier than later. Although this was the children’s first eye exam, you can have them tested as early as age 1. Use your common sense. Does your family have a history of vision problems? Is your child having recurring headaches? Are they straining their eyes? Even what seems to be a learning disability can sometimes be caused by a vision problem.

So, go ahead and make the appointment. Remember, you can’t see what an optometrist sees.


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3 responses to “Wondering About Testing? How About an Eye Test?

  1. Deedee

    I am so glad I had Emma’s eyes tested – how else would I know that my 2 year old seriously needed glasses??
    I now preach early eye exams to anyone who will listen, so I am really happy you are spreading the word too!

  2. I too preach about early eye exams! My daughter (funnily enough, also named Emma like Deedee’s daughter above) had glasses prescribed at age 1!

    We took her to a pediatric ophthalmologist for an unresolved blocked tear duct at age 1. He did an eye exam as part of the pre-op and discovered that she had early amblyopia (lazy eye). I have had all my subsequent children tested at age one and regularly thereafter. Certain eye conditions such as lazy eye are not correctable past a certain age (age 8 or thereabouts I believe).

    I don’t know why hearing tests are so routine, but not extensive eye exams. (at least not in the US).

  3. Nana

    Cheryl – I really enjoyed all of the information on the home-school front. Keep up the good work. Toodles

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