8 Random Things About Myself

I have been tagged by Mom Unplugged from Unplug Your Kids to write “Eight Random Things About Myself” meme. So, without further ado….here you go.

  1. I have flown to DisneyLand, four islands of Hawaii, San Francisco, and Orlando, Florida all before I was eight years old.
  2. I wish I had more children.
  3. My first job was at Expo 86
  4. I love to see my husband’s smile.
  5. I am allergic to cats.

6. img_3729.jpgI made bread from scratch for the first time yesterday. It was less than remarkable, but everybody ate it and told me it was great. I love them all.

   7. I am teaching myself web language (Html and CSS)

   8. I smell my food before I eat it. I always have and I always will.

This was my first Meme, so I’m not sure who to tag, but I will choose FiddleDeeDee from It Coulda’ Been Worse.


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2 responses to “8 Random Things About Myself

  1. Allergic to cats? You wouldn’t like my house then! Interesting list. By the way, your bread looks wonderful!

  2. I did this one a while back! But, I gave it a twist. Since I had just done “7 Weird Things”, I wrote the “random” meme as 7 (or 8) Random Reasons I Would Never Make It On Survivor.” You can see it here at http://fiddledeedee.net/2007/05/11/seven-random-reasons-why-i-would-never-make-it-on-survivor/

    I’m not sure the internet world could take any more random information about me, insane as I am. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me!

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