A Post about the “S” Word

I’m referring to socialization. This has got to be the one of the most commonly asked questions regarding homeschooling. The inevitable question: “What about socilization?”

So…..my response is: ready for this?  “What about it?”

This may be a common question, but the reality is, it’s one of the very least of my concerns. I guess the question to be asked here is: “What kind of socialization do you want your child to experience? I’m going to assume that if you are asking me this question you are either curious or skeptical. I know what it’s like to be on both sides of that equation, because I have once asked the same question from both places. Having experienced both, I simply want to share what I’ve observed:

  • Children are children and they like to play with one another. This hasn’t changed.
  • A homeschool environment allows for lots of time to play as our school work is done sooner and there are many opportunities to play with other homeschooled children if you wish to seek them out.
  • There is no age segregation among homeschooled children. Kids of varied ages easily play together, boys and girls alike. Much like brothers and sisters would, less the rivalry.
  • There are many other oportunities to socialize in a recreational setting too. Be it swimming, dance, or music lessons (eg: choir), or team sports just to name a few.
  • Little girls get to remain little girls just a little bit longer. When let be, these same children would rather play tag or hide & seek or climb a tree or invent a game, rather than discuss the latest pop music hits, designer clothes or their interest in boys.
  • Homeschool kids seem to be able to enjoy being in the presence of their parents and their peers simultaneously. A definite harmony.
  • These kids seem to be able to stand up for their beliefs and themselves with confidence. If they are leaders, they lead. If inventors, they invent. If encouragers, they encourage. You can see this in the way they play and talk with one another. They do not need to be on the look out or always watching, lest someone make fun of them.

Though there is probably much more to write on this topic, I will save it for another post. I’ve posted a few pics of our afternoon today, so you can see first hand some happy, healthy, “socialized” kids.



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2 responses to “A Post about the “S” Word

  1. Well said! I don’t homeschool, but right now my children are in a very small Montessori school. Montessori classes consist of children of 3 year age spans with the idea that the older ones help model behaviors and instruct the younger ones. For example my 5 year-old is in the 3-6 year-old class, and my 6 year-old is in the 6-9 year-old group. I also like it that my children can play with children of different ages.

    I too wish to keep my children children for as long as possible. Your comment about girls playing tag vs. discussing designer clothes is a very good one. I worry about the “kind” of socialization they will receive in the large public school where they will have to go after age 9 (unless I homeschool).

    I have two questions: Have your children ever attended public school? And, for how long have you been homeschooling?

    Thanks for the interesting post!

  2. Hi Mom Unplugged,

    My oldest daughter attended a private Montessori pre-scchool/Kindergarten and 1/3 yr in Grade 1 private school. My youngest only 2 yrs of Montessor pre-school. They came out of this setting ahead of the game, and I found my oldest daughter was bored in Gr.1. She already knew how to read and write. I have been homeschooling for roughly 4 yrs. and this next year will be my 5th yr homeschooling. The kids are thriving and it has been a wonderful learning experience for all of us. I have learned a lot about my kids and a lot about myself. Homeschooling is for Mom’s too!

    -Cheryl (aka Homeschooljourney)

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