Curriculum Results Are In!

Well, I’m back and I managed to fill another shelf full of books when I unpacked. I’m quite satisfied with what I brought home and I’m looking forward to next year. We may even start our Spanish early….ci?

So….I know you’re wondering what I bought. As I mentioned earlier I had purchased curriculum packages. I usually follow the suggestions of the Well Trained Mind (WTM), and research and pick my own curriculum. But this year, I took my own advice. If the research is done, for you…why do more? These packages were reviewed and hand picked by a very good curriculum adviser at the school I’m enrolled with. The resources are interesting and engaging, with minimal workbooks and they meet all the PLO’s!

I’m registered with Heritage Christian School, who has partnered with Cornestone Learning Resourcesin Kelowna, BC and came up with these curriculum packages. I purchased the Grade 5 and Grade 3 packages. I’m not entirely confident about switching our Math program from Math-U-See to Saxon for my 5th grader, but we’ll see how she does. I was able to substitute a couple of items for a different level or topic in a series, so it was quite flexible. I’ve spent the last 3 years following the Story of the World (SOTW), so I’m open to spending some time on Canadian history and geography.

educationrevolution_1952_7699161.gifI attended seminars featuring Adam Andrews, who talked about literary analysis featuring the “classics” and Naomi Aldort, on Children’s Behavior and Emotions. I bought her book Raising Children, Raising Ourselves. I highly recommend this book if you’d like to learn how to have a closer connection with your child, based on trust and authenticity rather than manipulation and control.

In addition to all this, I had a chance to get to know some amazing women. Spending 48 hours in close quarters with 7 women created opportunitiesfor some very interesting conversation which evoked a variety of emotion. Where else can you have laughter, sadness, and even tension woven together in a unique tapestry of human nature? An opportunity to learn from one another, practice kindness, vulnerability, compassion and display our own convictions that makes us uniquely us? Indeed, a privilege.


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4 responses to “Curriculum Results Are In!

  1. I wonder if we saw each other there and don’t even know it? I spent a good deal of time down at the Cornerstone booth, as well as at ADS.
    Did you guys stay at the Sheraton? Were we in the same hotel? On the same floor? We were in 803 and 805. That would be funny!

    In the end I did enroll my boys. I had been wavering, but finally decided to jump in. So we are also going with Heritage Christian. A few friends have beem with them for a couple of years and really like the way things work.

    I’m glad you had a good time. I really enjoyed myself 🙂

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    Yes, I was at the Sheraton. Rm 1205 and 1210. We probably did cross paths unknowingly. Perhaps I even hit you with my cart? If you were at Cornerstone on Saturday and you saw a woman kicking a very large box of curriculum around with her foot….that was me. I’ve been with Heritage (enrolled & registered) for 3 years. It’s worked well for us. Did you get the curriculum packages too? Maybe we can compare notes.


  3. I didn’t get the packages as I only needed to fill in some gaps. If I were just starting out I would have but being a bookoholic I have way more than I’ll ever need!

  4. cameliamusings

    Hey Cheryl – Glad to see that the Convention was great. Hopefully, next year that will be part of something I could do… I’m dying to hear about the book you mention. Will you be at the Track Meet on Friday? Would I be able to take a peek then? We’re planning to take it to Royal Roads tomorrow on nature walk; hopefully the weather will be better than today!

    Hope this post makes it up this time!


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