Staying Fit Together

I recently aquired a bike for my birthday. I say aquired because the bike was originally bought for my youngest as a surprise for her birthday, only to discover the bike wasn’t a 24″, but a 26″ frame. This “boo boo” caused a chain reaction in bicycles.img_3544.jpg A smaller bike in the correct fit was purchased for my youngest daughter, my bike was passed on to my oldest daughter, I ended up with the original bike purchased for my youngest (as it fit me perfectly, go figure) and dh purchased a used bicycle for himself (long overdue) for his own birthday. img_3543.jpgThe end result? Even though our bright idea of buying our youngest a bike for her birthday backfired and cost us a small fortune, everyone is now excited about bike riding.

Dh started riding his bike to work, and the kids & I have made it habit to go out twice a week on our bikes. Designated days of the week are now “bike riding” days and the girls have come to expect their rides. Last week I was politely reminded by my youngest, “Dont forget Mom, today is bike riding day”. img_3553.jpgThis makes making sure we all get an adequate amount of exercise a little easier. I have even set goals for myself, and on Saturday I managed to accomplish my first 40km ride (victory dance). Yes I was sore, but it felt really good.

When was the last time you were on your bike? img_3545.jpgIf you have one in the garage, how ’bout pulling it out and dusting it off? It’s a great way to be together with your kids and get in a little exercise and fresh air at the same time.



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2 responses to “Staying Fit Together

  1. My boys both got new bikes this year and are loving them! I also need a new bike but of course Mom has to wait 😦
    With the HS convention coming up I’m saving my money for that!

  2. How funny that you should be writing about bikes! I just bought one at the school garage sale, and a baby seat to go with it. I am waiting for the bike store to open tomorrow to take it in, along with my old bike (broken). My plan is to get them overhauled, have the baby seat installed, buy a baby helmet, and then go for family bike rides. Your photos inspire me even more to have our weekly “bike riding day!”

    I’m glad you liked the cartoon I linked to on my blog. Yes, please feel free to post a link to it as well. My kids found it in the paper and thought it was really funny (they know how I feel about simple vs. electronic toys). It fit my blog theme perfectly, and fits yours too!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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