Why start a blog now? Isn’t school nearly finished?

The question nearly stopped me. Then I remembered one of the many reasons why I homeschool. Though we love to enjoy summer as much as the next guy, it has never stopped us from learning. Learning has never been strictly confined to 9:00 – 3:00 Mon – Fri, Sept to June. Though they woudn’t necessarily be begging me to do math on weekends, they would be excited to visit the planetarium, go on a nature walk, visit the museum, go searching for tadpoles, look under rocks, visit the seashore, visit the library,  tend the vegetable garden and yes, even play a few learning games like Scrabble (spelling), or Nubble (math).  The beauty in all this is that they equate this type of learning with fun. flowerAs the weather warms and the days get longer, the children will be children, and I will catch a glimpse of them catching butterflies and getting lost in their imagination, and I will smile and remember that they are always learning.

“The aim of education then….must be complete living. But ordinary education, instead of seeking to develop the life of the child, sacrifices childhood to the acquirement of knowledge.” -Rousseau

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  1. How true! I got the opportunity to homeschool my daughter for two years. We had a blast!

    Great Rousseau quote–and banner!

    Keep on inspiring them and learning with and from them 🙂


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