How the heck do you teach P.E.?

Well, I’m definitely not out there on the track with a stop watch and whistle with my kids everyday, but that doesn’t mean they are not active. Our homeschool community has a fantastic yearly track and field meet, there are homeschool swimming lessons, swimlessonthere is homeschool dance and ballet, jazzthere are wonderful parents who organzie team sports, dodgeball and other physical activities which are both affordable and available to families during school hours, leaving more time in the evening for families who wish to stay at home. Thats just scratching the surface; I have yet to mention the numerous sports and various activities available through our own communities and recreation centres after school hours.tap

In addition to the above mentioned activities there is the proverbial backyard. slideMany families today have trampolines, swingsets, climbing walls, and trees to climb (just to name a few). Let’s not forget bicycles, jump ropes and rope swings.

Still don’t think that’s enough? Here’s a few tips; though many may not wish to sacrifice.

  • Give up Cable TV (though I realize this may simply be too much for many sports fans and tv die hards….it is only a suggestion) I have observed children rediscovering puzzles, drawing and painting, and (gasp) reading books when t.v is simply not an option.
  • Limit or avoid video games (enough said)
  • Recreate together as a family; we personally are trying to regularly participate in hiking and bicycling on the week ends.


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2 responses to “How the heck do you teach P.E.?

  1. Sandra

    I’m sure I have told you before that I admire your ability to put that which you believe important first in the lives of both yourself and your girls.

    I’m glad mine are grown up and so I don’t have to make a decision about the cable anymore!

    I’m proud of you all. Hugs, Sandra

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